Ballooning FAQs

Hot Air Balloon Pakistan
How long before I want to fly should I book?

Due to popularity with visitors and locals alike, we suggest booking in advance, especially if you want a particular flight date.

What if my flight is cancelled due weather conditions?

If the weather is unfriendly for flying, the flight may be cancelled and we will refund your deposit payment. Our crew will also check if you are available the next day and change your booking, space permitting. We suggest you book your flight for your first available morning, to allow yourself more opportunities to fly if you face bad weather.

Can children fly?

Children aged 0-5 are not allowed to fly. For maximum safety and enjoyment, our pilots will only fly with children who are old enough to understand a preflight briefing, and tall enough to see over the side of the basket unaided by a parent or guardian (typically at least six years old). Parents/guardians should be mindful of flight times with small children as well, as many can get bored and restless standing in the balloon for an hour.

How long does it all take?

From start to finish, your adventure will last about three hours. The inflation and preparation of the balloon normally takes about 30 minutes and is quite incredible to see. The flight itself normally takes around one hour for standard flights and an hour and a half for deluxe flights. After the flight, the post-flight celebration lasts about 30 minutes and travel back to your hotel will take roughly another 30 minutes. The balloons always carry sufficient fuel for more than two hours’ flight time, plus a 30 minute reserve capacity.