About Adventure Foundation Pakistan

Pioneered hot air ballooning in Pakistan

Introduction (Adventure Foundation Pakistan)


The Adventure Foundation is an independent organization formed to foster the principles of Outward Bound concepts within traditional national educational and recreational programmes. It does this by the promotion of various forms of outdoor activities and thrill sports. The Foundation offers all kinds of people an opportunity to do things and travel the paths of adventure in the great outdoors. Close contact with nature builds up self-confidence through experience, brings high adventure by facing challenges and develops self-reliance through discovery.




The Philosophy of Adventure Foundation follows an action-oriented educational system, with the following objects:


Extending self-awareness through purposeful venture in outdoor situations.
Expanding capacity for responding to others by organized group activities.
Enhancing environmental awareness to perceive and identify our national heritage by conducting outings in the wilderness.
Create an attitude to participate in action oriented form learning.
Developing physical fitness by continued exposure to outdoor activities.


What AFP Does?


Opening on a year round schedule from its centres and schools participants are offered wide scope of organized activities to serve a definite purpose of offering much needed opportunities to the youth to promote their self-expressions through adventure and:


Foster common fellowship.
Further knowledge of out natural heritage.
Instill self-reliance
Train in outdoor activities.
Strive towards closer national integration and harmony.
Organize fraternity clubs to further these aims.


The Purpose


To provide youth the means to develop their character in close contact with nature; to get to know and love their country and participate in meaningful practical learning; and to develop community spirit by working together.


Who can Participate?


Organized activities are open to all who are keen to romp in the great outdoors and seek adventure. However, it will be necessary first to enroll as a member of the Foundation. Minimum age is 10 years. There is no upper limit.