About Mabali (Pvt) Ltd

Pioneered hot air ballooning in Pakistan

Brief History


Mabali Pvt Ltd is first ever adventure/water sports undertaking by a woman in Pakistan with an aim to promote healthy family activities and preserve eco system as well. Company started its operations at Khanpur Lake in 2017 and welcome the very first guests by starting up with only 2 huts, few camps and water sports activities. It is an independent resort brand ‘Mabali Island’ which is leading natural resort with good standing in social media.


Hospitality has always been an aptitude for Mabali Island. Right after the opening, Mabali has continuously earned the great reputation and been listed online on different platforms, a new rising star that rocks the hospitality business. The talents have created the great impact on the high level of customer care given to the valued guests, partners and within the team. Mabali Island had been voted a number one resort based on all organic guests’ experiences and reviews from all the platforms.


At Mabali Island, our talented team had provided such exceptional customer care from the beginning of the journey till the very end; blending nature based livings (i.e huts and caravans) which are a great opportunity to experience nature in luxury, the exclusive view of Khanpur Lake, the beautiful mountains, greenery, the truly peaceful and restful stay experience, the sense of privacy, the safety, the amazing views of sunrise and sunsets. Most important part is creating a feeling of staying in nature away from city life.




Mabali is a family-run resort. Founded by Brig (Retd) Ghulam Haider (Mr.) as a chairman and Nighat Haider (Mrs.) as CEO. Safdar Hussain (Mr.) and M. Qasim Umar (Mr.) as co-founders and partners.


The four has lifelong experiences in different fields. The main motive of building such place was to create an area which would act as a catalyst in tourism industry.


The concept and design had arisen from the Chairman, CEO and Partners’ vision; to create the nature-based stay experience full of relaxation, authenticity, and uniqueness specializing on the great customer care.


The resort has its own identity and is a kind that is difficult to be competed. Unlike many others in the area aiming for more rooms available, Mabali is more offering a private stay experience with the niche market for tourists who love the authentic peaceful family stay, corporate or educational day trip. Staying here, nature lovers are guaranteed with the restful and private life back to nature.




To make people happy and healthy




Provide safe, secure and natural environments for healthly sports activities for complete family around the clock with an aim to project soft image of Pakistan.